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Our proposals

Under the guide of expert instructors in all three bases, we offer a variety of interesting proposals for able and disabled students from age 9 to 18 in which no prior sailing experience or skill is required. 
Our sailing camps take place in all three bases, last several days and offer lots of both water and land activities. On a typical course, there would be sailing courses, with the possibility of other chosen activities depending on sightseeing, cultural visits, local culinary and wine tastings, or nature walks.  
Food is prepared by Italian chefs that use local ingredients and recipes which come up to the highest Italian expectations. 
We offer all inclusive packages which can even include travel to and from the base. 

Tailormade Programmes

As well as the suggestions given here, we are also ready to offer specific initiatives on request, using our network of local resources like walking and cultural guides.  Thanks to a long serving collaboration with biologists, naturalists and environmental guides, instructors and even scuba instructors, we can offer nature activities that integrate well with sailing courses. Through theory, observation and practical experience, our students get closer to the marine life which in turn can be useful to other study subjects which can be developed in evening activities or programmes that meet the school’s curriculum. 

One-day sailing trips

If you are interested in organising a one day sailing trip or course during your Italian holiday please don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote.

Personal Growth

Social skills, co-operation, a sense of responsibility, self-security, independence, respect of others and the environment are key end results that are developed through our courses.  Kids get involved with all aspects of living when they attend one of our sail courses. Whatever the time of day, whatever the activity...from making breakfast, the manoeuvring of the boats and up until supper time, everything is organised and managed by the group itself. 

Technical skills

Sailing is a really dynamic sport that combines outdoors physical activity with manual dexterity.  Both the dinghy or cruiser course enrich personal development - in the case of dinghy sailing, students develop autonomous skills  - as they are in charge of their own little boat; in the case of courses on cruisers students are in a group with an instructor on a larger boat a little further out from the coast.  In both cases kids are guaranteed a fascinating and unique experience. 

What we can do for schools

Sports teachers and schools activity coordinators can call our offices at any time to discuss and develop individual group plans.

Our offices are ready to discuss and draw up detailed quotes. 

We can organise competitively priced complete trips including air flights, transfer and insurance to the bases. 

Hi-tech, high quality clothing are available at all the bases. Competitive quotes available on request.  

Summer camps for school groups can also be organised at our bases. By collaborating with different groups of students, teachers and parents we can organise summer schools to suit all your needs in any of our bases.